Fragile Jane™

Fragile Jane™

Formed in the early 90s, Fragile Jane was very popular in the South Florida music scene. Known for their live performances and musical nature they sold out every show they performed.

The cast of characters included James Delia: Guitars. Astrid Pazmino:Vocals; Alan Edwards: Bass; Tim Callahan: Drums. The bands demise occurred when their drummer was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. After several attempts to revitalize the group, the great music they made is all that remains.

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  1. Hi, this is Fragile Jane™,
    Please feel free to leave a comment and or please by a copy of our EPs, Sitting In The Big Chair and or Never Surrender | The Broken Sting Sessions.

    Thank you all for listening.

    Much love!!!

    Fragile Jane™

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